Building Great Companies

Stafford Snyder is a management consulting firm that enhances client results by developing the strategic vision, aligning the enterprise and then partnering on execution.

Transformation: Vision Alignment Execution

Stafford Snyder helps clients grow their businesses, increase profitability and enhance performance.

We bring proven tools, results that are driven by insight and anchored in the realities of today’s markets, and a partnering approach grounded in experience. We work closely with senior executives to help them capitalize on trends and evolve so they can succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.

Overwhelming changes are occurring rapidly in today’s market.
  • New domestic, foreign and online competitors are radically shifting market spaces.
  • Organizational models are globalizing and virtualizing.
  • Sustainability issues are rising.
  • Buyer preferences are shifting to on-line markets.
  • Cost continues to increase as a driver.
  • Social media is driving new buying patterns.
  • Mergers and acquisitions are fluctuating.
  • Government intervention is shifting the rules and changing the players of many industries.
Are you at a crossroads and looking for the best path to move your business forward?

Stafford Snyder can help you capitalize on market trends and shifting realities, and transition your business to a leadership position to boost revenue, improve profitability and enhance performance.